About Us

Stree is an event marketing & live communication agency. It was started in 1999 by Asma Andraos and Michael Nakfoor, who recognized the worldwide shift in communication trends and saw an opportunity for the development of specialized event marketing, PR and live communication agencies.

Stree specializes in providing comprehensive event solutions to corporate brands and institutions. Our line of work brings us to collaborate with a varied local and international client portfolio, coming from both the public and private sectors. Since 1999, Stree has organized and successfully orchestrated numerous events and missions for its clients in Lebanon, the Gulf region, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Italy, France, Morocco, Romania and Switzerland.

How We See It

We strive to deliver a professional, dynamic and modern approach to every mission entrusted to us, and pride ourselves with the ability to communicate our clients' needs and objectives both strategically and creatively.

We consider event marketing to be articulated around two fundamental aspects:

The first, which remains often neglected, is best defined as the strategic thinking process that precedes the direction and nature of any event-to-be. In line with this, the event agency should act as a full-fledged communication consultant.

The second is best summarized by the creative and organizational capacity of conceiving, orchestrating and executing impeccable events which best meet the client's objectives. Stree believes in up-to-date information, thorough research, and the endless possibilities allowed by the ongoing development of new technologies.

Consequently, Stree keeps an eye on event communication & PR trends in mature markets worldwide, and makes sure to follow-up the emergence of new techniques and tools dedicated to these communication fields.

The Outcome


From the early stages of unbridled imagination and ideas generation, the agency transforms abstract ideas into creative concepts and workable designs.


The agency's systematic planning approach includes the development and regular updating of all required planning tools: timelines, layouts, site plans, workflows, retroplans, progress reports, task lists...


The agency acts as a central liaison bureau between all third parties involved, ensuring a coherent unity and functioning whole.


The agency is solely responsible for leading and energizing the project from conception to execution.


The agency carries out the supervising and follow-up of the deliverables and working progress of all involved parties.

Best Of


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